Teaching & Learning

Instructional design. Curriculum creation. Teaching & professional development.

Whether directing youth summer camps and mentorship programs, classroom teaching in K-12 schools, or creating educational programs in the non-profit sector, I have always wanted to positively impact the lives of young people through education. This work has extended into developing curriculum, engaging in interdisciplinary research projects, and currently leading professional development for teachers across Canada to help shape the future of teaching and learning.

STEM & Digital Skills

I worked as a secondary science teacher before moving into educational outreach. My expertise in STEM topics includes coding, prototyping and maker education, and EdTech. In 2017-18, I participated in Alberta Education’s curriculum redesign process with the Science Expert Working Group, and additionally have formal training in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Most recently, as Actua’s AI Project Lead, I helped to develop a suite of artificial intelligence resources including Actua’s AI Education Handbook (2020; see also news release).

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Building youth competencies and skills to support future careers is critical. Providing hands-on opportunities to work with tools such as the business model canvas and helping youth to see themselves as entrepreneurial leaders was a key part of my work with MindFuel’s Edacity program. Working with select partner schools in Alberta, we piloted three locally-developed entrepreneurship high school courses. Additionally, the Innovation Exchange was launched as an opportunity to bring together voices from education, policy, and industry to provide insights and vision on STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship education in the province and beyond.

The Innovation Exchange research team from Werklund School of Education (University of Calgary), Mount Royal University, Edmonton Public Schools, and MindFuel.

Design Thinking

Prototyping, iteration, and human-centred design have been themes of my work both in youth activities and in teacher professional development. I have designed coursework that teaches the design thinking framework to educators and shows tangible ways for it to be used in K-12 classrooms, and have facilitated rapid prototyping challenges with diverse groups across North America.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been an important framework for activities I have created for youth, teachers, and in my research. Facing global sustainability challenges requires transdisciplinary collaboration, and this starts with engaging youth in complex questions that span grades and subjects. More about my work in education for sustainability is at Teamwork & Collaboration.

Diversity & Inclusion

Instructional design that places diversity and inclusion at the centre ensures that all learners can see themselves in content being delivered. Through work with Actua’s InSTEM program, I have built resources and created teacher training that honours both Western and Indigenous perspectives. Supporting other marginalized, underrepresented and underserved groups to increase gender equity and diversity in STEM has been a research focus.

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