Critical & Creative Thinking

Exhibit by Cris Cran, Glenbow Museum (Calgary, Alberta), March 2019.
Cran’s work explores perception and illusion, demanding multiple perspectives from the viewer coupled with a critical lens.

I have a lot of diverse interests, and that is reflected in my research as well as my work. However, at the forefront of my professional practice is a focus on Critical and Creative Thinking, which I pursued in my graduate studies (M.A. 2020, UMass Boston).

“[Providing] students with knowledge, tools, experience, and support to take the times it takes to become constructive, reflective agents of change in work, education, social movements, science, and creative arts.”

University of Massachusetts Boston, Critical & Creative Thinking Graduate Program

My areas of research interest include play and playfulness, collective creativity, intrinsic motivation, purpose, organizational development, and systems design.

Continuous learning is vital to me. I am constantly looking for new angles, perspectives, and ways to incorporate critical and creative thinking into new contexts, including in the coaching and training that I facilitate.

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Course: Sustainability Science for Education. Note: This course was designed in Google Classroom. Student access code is 4unyosx.

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