Caitlin Quarrington

Educator. Storyteller. Researcher. Creative. Seriously playful.

I care deeply about the work that I do, and find purpose in meaningful work. In the world of education, I’ve tackled everything from entrepreneurship to electrons, machine learning to mental health. I’ve coached, taught, and created transformative learning opportunities for kids and adults alike. I’m relentlessly curious and eager to learn.

Currently, I am the Senior Manager of Education at Actua, Canada’s largest STEM outreach organization, where I lead K-12 teacher education and content development at a national level and to support a network of 40+ university and college programs. I have a B.Sc. Honours from the University of Alberta and B.Ed. specializing in secondary science from the University of Calgary, and in May 2020, will complete an M.A. in Critical and Creative Thinking – Science in a Changing World.

I’ve been working to design creative learning environments and advance educational growth across Canada for over 15 years. Areas of focus are design thinking, diversity and inclusion, and Universal Design for Learning. As a public speaker, coach, and facilitator, I have delivered over 40 talks across North America.

When I want to recharge, I love escaping to the mountains, swimming, and creative writing. My two kids, Finn and Nova, continually remind me to explore and discover the world at every turn.

Connecting with others leads to new ideas and inspiration – please find me online at the channels below.

Caitlin Quarrington, 2020

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