Music and writing are important creative outlets for me; here, playing piano with my mom.
Image courtesy of Kate Rhodes Photography.

What generates your spark?

Spark is important to me. To me, it is a sense of purpose that fuels energy and drives innovation. This energy might be individual or collectively shared, but when the spark has ignited, transformative things happen. Throughout my life, I have intentionally sought out such opportunities. I like designing for change.

In my research and professional career, I am interested in exploring the flow that occurs between playfulness and creativity. When work and play merge, we unlock powerful mental and emotional reserves. In all the projects I pursue, I am consistently looking for both learning and fun – because these things shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

What inspires me…

Teaching & Learning

Each day, I ask: What have I learned? What is my impact? How will I evolve going forward? Continuous learning is contagious. From K-12 classrooms to professional development for educators, I explore innovative curriculum development and experiential learning through an interdisciplinary lens. Read more >>

Teamwork & Collaboration

I have had the privilege of leading several professional teams through program growth and change. Participating in international research teams and collaborating to tackle global challenges has also helped to shape my work. Read more >>

Critical & Creative Thinking

My research interests include the role of play and playfulness in fostering creativity, intrinsic motivation and purpose, and how critical and creative thinking can engage individuals and teams to drive innovation. Read more >>

Work without borders

I love traveling. Even more than traveling, I love to work with groups of people that are curious, communicate openly, and want to make an impact in the world. I have been fortunate to visit diverse communities ranging from Iqaluit, Nunavut to downtown LA to share my work in learning & development with others. Check out my map to see where I’ve delivered workshop sessions and training, and let me know where you are – making new connections leads to growth and new discoveries.

Who’s writing this, anyway?

If you’re curious about my background, interests, and experience, you’ve come to the right place. Check out my About page and drop me a line – I always like making new connections and exploring possible ways to create greater impact together.

Want to collaborate? Please reach out.

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